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Frau J. M. Warkotsch
Herr R. F. U. Warkotsch

Wünsche der Kunden:

Could you please let me know whom I can contact to arrange a visit tour in China from June 7th to 17th. I am on a business trip in China (Changshu) from May 25th to June 9th. My husband joins me on June 7th and we would like to have a guided tour from June 10th until June 17th. We are interested to see and learn more about the area of Hangzhou, Wuhan, Suzhou etc. if possible, we would like the guided tour in German. If not, English is also good. Thank you and best regards J. Warkotsch.


Shanghai / Suzhou / Hangzhou / Beijing / Chengde / Beijing / Shanghai
2 Personen, 9 Tage, vom 08.06.08- 17.06.08,
Preis: 790 Euro p.P bei Unterbringung im Doppelzimmer.
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Feedback der Kunden:

We were very satisfied with the arrangements, i.e. train, flight, hotel.
The guides were good and flexible to our wishes - some more language experience would help (may be from time to time some fresh-up lessons).
One point which we did not like but we could change during our trip: We would have liked to have our lunch together with the guide and the driver for several reasons:
a) we do not need better food than them,
b) it makes more pleasure to eat together with Chinese people,
c) we can have a greater variety of dishes and thus learn more about the good Chinese food.
This should be changed or at least you should leave it up to be decided individually.
Otherwise, we very much enjoyed our trip and we very deeply impressed by the friendliness and culture of the Chinese people.